My Music Writing Playlist 

Everyone has a routine when they are getting into their creative groove. Mine just so happens to be music. When I’m getting ready to start my blogging or writing time, I have to make sure my music is right, or else the vibe is all wrong.

Sometimes, listening to just the right song or album, can create a scene, a couple chapters or even curate a blog post that had been stuck in my brain for days!  Music has always been something like a first love of mine when it comes to getting my creative juices flowing in the right direction, and because of that, I created my very own playlist on TIDAL, called The Writer’s Vibes.  This is the playlist I listen to, specifically on shuffle, whenever I begin to get into my creative mode.  I have a mixture of different songs on it, and it generally just gets me into a vibe that allows me to relax, unwind and get into a great headspace for writing.

Here are a few screenshots of my may find a song or two that you like on it!  let me know what songs you enjoy listening to to get your creative vibes going!


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