#XD30 – 25


“Good morning babygirl, same as usual?”

“Yes ma’am, same as usual.” G said as she sat at the bar.  She made a routine of eating breakfast at the same diner every Saturday morning for the last four weeks.  She brought a book with her, got a hot cup of coffee and got lost for hours as she read and ate.  Life was normal and boring for her, and as she liked to tell her favorite waitress, that is exactly how she wanted it to be right now.

“Giselle, that man is back in here looking for you.  He’s sitting in the corner staring you down” Betty said.  Betty had been working at the diner for about 30 years now.  She had seen many come and go, and she loved G.  She wouldn’t let anyone else take her order, and she made sure she took time to make her food just right.

“Ms. Betty, I told you I’m not giving that man the time of day right now.  I just moved here and the last thing I need is a man in my life” G said.

Betty looked at her with a side eye, “so you want a woman in your face?  I mean, I ain’t trying to be all in yo business, child.  I don’t mind.  I was a wild woman in my day, so I don’t judge, but he’s cute and all and….”

“No, Ms. Betty!  Not like that” G laughed, “I mean, I just got out of a relationship.  Truth be told, I’m a little damaged.  He might not want a girl like me” G said.  Ms. Betty doesn’t know G’s backstory, and as long as G could help it, no one would know.  As far as they knew, G was just getting out of college and looking for a fresh start in a new city when she couldn’t find a good job in her hometown.  It was halfway true, and halfway a lie; but hell, who was going to check her way out here in Miami?

“Well, whatever, child. I just know that every Saturday after the first Saturday, he’s been in here looking for you.  Three Saturdays in a row, he’s been in here before you trying to get your attention.  Why you think you haven’t paid for your breakfast?  He’s been doing it.”

G didn’t really think about it, because she had been keeping a tab and planned on paying it at the end of the month when Jayce wired her money to her.  G took a moment and looked over to the corner of the diner.  She saw a tall, carmel toned man sitting in a corner booth.  He was reading the newspaper.  He was fine, and G didn’t really pay much attention to him before; but he was quite attractive.

Ms. Betty noticed G giving him a quick look-over and said, “I’ll take your plate to his table if you don’t go over there and say thank you.  Then you won’t have a choice.”

G side-eyed Ms. Betty, rolled her eyes , put her book down and walked over to the gentleman.

“Excuse me,” G said.  The man looked up from his newspaper and saw G standing there.  Their eyes met and he immediately gave a small grin.

“Well hello, I had been wondering how many more Saturday’s it would take before you would notice me over here” he said.

“Yea, Ms. Betty told me that you had been paying for my breakfast.  I wanted to tell you thank you; you didn’t have to do that” G said.

“Consider it a small gesture for a beautiful woman.  Hopefully I was making a good impression” he said.

G smiled, “well I guess you could say it was a start.”

“Would you like to sit down?  Or could I join you at the bar?”

G was hesitant, she didn’t know whether to say yes or no, but decided to allow him to join her at the bar.  If anything, she could make a quick dash out of the door and she would be closer to the door if she was at the bar.

The man seemed very pleasant and nice to talk to.  G found herself letting her guard down ever so slightly and was able to make small conversation about how they both ended up in Miami.  Apparently, he was from the West Coast as well.

After their meal was done, the mystery admirer paid for her breakfast again, and G thanked him.

“I hope maybe I’ll see you again sometime” he said.

“For now, maybe just at the diner.  But I will admit for a complete stranger, I had a good time” G said.

Before G left, the man asked one more question, “would it be too much to ask what the ‘G’ stood for?”

“Only if you tell me your name.  I feel so silly, I’ve been sitting here talking to you and never once asked you your name.”

“Devon, but everyone calls me by my last name, which is Ray.”

“Nice to meet you.  I’m not most people, so I will call you Devon.  My real name is Giselle.  G is another woman from another life anyway.”

“Well it’s certainly nice to get to know Giselle” Devon said.


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