#XD30 – 23&24 


G spent most of her time on the beach; watching the waves as they came in.  She walked up and down the edge letting the water run across her feet.  She often thought about what and who she left behind.  She thought about Chance.  She missed him; she couldn’t deny that she was in love with him, she just didn’t love what he had done to her.  She knew that the damage was done and emotionally there was so much that had gone on between them and she wasn’t sure if she was ready to forgive him.

A couple weeks had already gone by, and the calls and texts began to dwindle down to nothing from him.  He started off calling multiple times a day; to now, she might get a text from him every couple days asking if she was still alive.  It was only about a week ago, G finally gave it and told Chance that she was ok, but would not disclose where she was and would not talk to him on the phone.  They only exchanged text messages.  She told him that she was sorry for how she left and didn’t mean to cause him any pain, but couldn’t continue to be put through the abuse and humiliation any longer, and that she had to make a decision for herself.  She wasn’t sure if Chance understood; and quite frankly, G didn’t care.  She had finally moved on and was doing better for herself, and felt that maybe down the line, she and Chance could be friends and put the past behind them; but at this point, the love they once had was now gone.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Chance was recovering from the beating Mr. Ray put on him for not living up to his part of his agreement with their financial agreement.  While he was licking his wounds, he was also kicking himself for losing the love of his life.  He spent days in his apartment begging G to come back and stay with him; promising her everything under the sun and apologizing for ever treating her than less than what she was worth to him.  When he saw that she wasn’t biting, he finally decided to cut his losses and admit to himself that he had lost out on one of the most important women he had ever had in his life.  He hoped that one day G would forgive him and they would find their way back to each other again, but the way G was acting he felt that it would take a lot for her to forgive him.

What G didn’t realize, was Chance was not going to give up on their love that easily.


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