#XD30 – 18 

One Night…

His lips found their place within the forbidden crevices of my body and I became a slave to sensation sent through my bones when his lips met my flesh. This is how most of my night went. Grabbing, sucking, licking, touching…..doing things that only committed lovers should do..

When I saw him staring at me, I was immediately aware of the game that was being played.  I saw the animal in him the moment he walked into the room.  I needed to do a naked dance with him, and he felt the same about me.

I was hypnotized by the scent of lust. We barely made it through his apartment door before our clothes were off. Liquid confidence turned me into a different woman. I put moves on him that would have him sniffing at my doorstep in the morning. He gave me a performance that was worthy of an academy award. We were animals, engaging in carnal pleasure, not giving a damn about regrets or walks of shame.

When he was knocked out, a comatose victim of the forbidden fruit, I would make my exit. I was not ashamed, as I knew the intentions of this triste when our eyes met in the club. I left him a note thanking him for the evening of pleasure. I walked outside, and headed toward my car. As I opened my door, I heard my name. I looked up and saw him at the front door. He walked over to me, handed me a piece of paper, kissed my forehead and smiled. As he walked back into his home, I looked at the piece of paper. The note made me smile.

“Same time tonight? See you at the club ;)”

I looked up at the morning sky, and couldn’t wait for night to fall.


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