#XD30 – 15 & 16



G walked out onto the patio of the Miami Beach house she had been borrowing from Jayce’s parents.  The warm weather and perfect breeze was more than what she asked for.  She felt like she was finally free from everything that was holding her down.  She picked up the phone and called Jayce.  He answered on the second ring.

“Good morning, beautiful” he said.

“I just want to thank you again for helping me out of this situation” she said.

“Don’t sweat it, sis.  You know I always got your back” Jayce said.

There was a long pause. ” I wonder how Chance is doing” G said.

“From what I understand, he was still looking for you, G. I’m not sure if he plans on stopping either.  Do you know what your plans are after my parents’ beach house?”

“Right now, no.  I just know that I can’t come back there.  There’s nothing left for me there” G said reluctantly.

G still felt something for Chance, despite everything they had been through, but she knew that leaving was the best thing she could do to get away from him.  They had become bad for each other, and there was nothing more that could be done to mend their relationship.  She knew that the decision she made was the best one for now.  As she continued to drift off into her thoughts, Jayce interrupts them with a question, “so when will I see my best friend again?” 

“I’m not sure, Jay. I don’t know when it’ll be safe for me to come back home.  But maybe one day you can come see me” G said. 

“It’s a date, G” he said.  G could hear in his voice that he missed her, but he wouldn’t bring himself to admit it.  Both Jayce and G knew what emotions were there, but knew that now was not the time to act on them.  There was already too much history between them.  

G hung up the phone and exhaled slowly.  She looked out at the calm water, deep in her thoughts.  She felt a tear creep away from her eye and she quickly wiped it away; even while she was alone, she didn’t want to show any weakness.  Now that she was in a new city, it was time to start a new life. 

“Time to start over.” 


Meanwhile, at Chances’s house

Chance took two hard blows to his rib cage.  A long and agonizing groan crept out of his mouth.  For the last hour, he had been Mr. Ray’s punching bag, as he sat in a chair in his basement.  Mr. Ray had made his way into his home with three of his own goons, since he was unable to keep his promise and find G.  Chance knew this day was coming; and as much as he tried to avoid Mr. Ray and his punishment, he knew eventually the ass whooping he dreaded was inevitable.  Mr. Ray wasted no time as he motioned for his boys to jack Chance up, and lead him down to the basement.  Even with Mo by his side, it was two against four, and they were no match for their opponents. 

Chance looked up at the ceiling, through blood and sweat, praying for it all to end; and for Mr. Ray to finally just put him out of his misery.  He began to regret the day he ever laid eyes on G and get tied up into this lifestyle. 

“Please….please….” Chance begged, but his cries went unnoticed. 

“You had ample time young man.  Ample time to find that bitch and set things straight with me.  I mean, how hard could it have been?  She smarter than you or something?  You can’t control your own women; you let a ho outsmart you, Chance?” Mr. Ray said in a condescending tone.  He removed his rings; the ones that were making imprints on Chance’s face, and took the brass knuckles off the table next to him. 

“Now, where’s my money, since you can’t hold up your end of this business deal?” 

Chance motioned for Mo to bring over the briefcase that held all $500,000 that Mr. Ray originally gave to Chance.  Mo provided Mr. Ray with the briefcase, and Mr. Ray extended his hand. 

“Thank you, sir.  I apologize that you have to see your boss like this; but business is business.” 

Mo nodded and walked out of the room.

Mr. Ray took a step over to Chance, who had now fallen onto the floor, and begging Mr. Ray to call it even and let him go, “Please Mr. Ray,  can we just let this all go?” 

“Hell no, youngblood.  This is how you pay for crossing Mr. Ray.  I hope that bitch was worth every lick” he said. 

That was the last thing Chance remembered before everything went black. 

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