#XD30 – 12



“Yo boss, we still haven’t found her.  I’ve been trying to trace her calls, sneaking by her place and everything.  She’s gone missing or something.  What you want me to do next?”  Mo, Chance’s head of security said.  He had been on detail finding G for the past three days.

Chance took a sip of his drink, then slammed the drink down on the table, nearly breaking the glass, “Why is it so hard for y’all to find one bitch?!”

One security guard spoke up, “we’ve been trying everywhere you told us, boss.  I don’t know where else you think we can look.  She don’t have any other family members, friends?….”

Just when he said that, it clicked.  Chance was so caught up in his own paranoia, he forgot to tell them to check with the one person who knew her better than anyone else.

“I know exactly where she’s been hiding” Chance said.

Chance scribbled an address on a piece of paper, gave it to Mo, and then he said, “go find her, and bring her back to this club.”

The men filed out of his office to continue to search for G.  Chance sat back in his chair and took another sip of his drink.

“You can’t hide up under him for long, G” he whispered.


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