#XD30 – 11

G listened to the voicemail with tears in her eyes; frightened and unsure of what to do next.  She had played it over and over in shock of the venom in Chance’s voice.


She couldn’t contact him, not when he was this upset.  She knew that he had people looking for her, because her mother had called asking about some strange men coming and asking if she was at the house and asking about how often she was at home.  G then knew that the heat was on her and she couldn’t go home.

She didn’t know how to explain to Jayce what kind of trouble she had gotten herself into, but it didn’t take much for him to know that she needed a place to crash.  He allowed her to stay there for the entire week, since his girlfriend wouldn’t be there.  G figured that would give her enough time to get things in order and decide what her next move will be.

That morning, after G listened to the voicemail, she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.  Jayce was coming downstairs to make breakfast, so she quickly fixed her face so he wouldn’t notice her tears.

“Morning, G” he said pleasantly.

“Morning” she replied.

“Anything special you want on the menu today?”

“Nothing really.  Whatever you cook is fine.”

“Perfect.  One chef’s special breakfast coming up!  Just like in college” Jayce said.  That put a smile on G’s face; which was his goal.  He knew there was a lot that G was going through, but he just wanted to make sure she was ok.

As Jayce was cooking, G stared off into space, as if to be in deep thought.  She then looked at Jayce and asked, “Jay, do your parents still have that beach house in Miami?”

“Yea why?”

“Do you think they would let me borrow it?  I need to get away for a couple weeks” G said.  Jayce turned around and gave her a concerning look.

“G, is this really that serious?  What did you do the other night?  Why did you leave the club?”

G wasn’t sure if she was ready to tell him that she walked out on Chance in the middle of a dance; something that could have possibly  cost him a hell of a lot of money.  Jayce already wasn’t the biggest fan of G’s choice of work at the time.

“I just got into a big fight with Chance that night, Jayce.  I needed to get out and we’re not doing too good.  Things have gotten way too crazy between us and he’s not the person I used to know.  I just really need a couple weeks away to clear my head” G said.

“Ok, G.  I’ll talk to my parents and see.  Shouldn’t be a problem though” he said.

The remainder of breakfast was pretty quiet; neither one of them really wanted to say any more.  Jayce got up and got ready for work, and G stayed at his place for the day.  While she was there, she did several calculations, research and called around to some locations to gather some information since she would hopefully be in Miami for a little while.

Later that day, Jayce called G before he left work and told her that his parents said it was ok for her to stay at the beach house. “Perfect” she thought.

Now there was only one more favor she needed from Jayce.

“Jayce, I’m going to need some clothes from my place” G said.

“Cool.  When do you want to get them?”

“In the middle of the night, because Chance has people looking for me.”

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