#XD30 – 10


2 days later


Chance slammed the phone down on desk, nearly cracking the screen.  Chance had no idea where G had gone, and he was sick of the games.  He was ready to be done with this, and once he finally found G, he couldn’t begin to think of what he was going to do.

The night she went missing, all hell broke loose.  The man who paid for G that night, Mr. Ray, came busting out of the Velvet Room yelling his name, heated about what had just went down.

“Chance, where the hell you at?”

He was causing such a scene, a couple girls peeked their heads out of their VIP rooms to see what was going on.  Just then, Chance came rushing up the hallway, and suddenly, the doors quickly closed and the girls went back to tending to their clients.

“What’s up man, what’s the problem?” Chance said, confused.

“You’re ‘top-dollar’ girl, who was supposed to show me a good time just ran out on me.  What the hell is that about man?  We had a deal, and I held up my end; and now you pull some shit like this?!  I should lay your ass out in this hallway right now” he said.

Chance started sweating bullets.  He had to think on his feet, “Ok hold on a second, Mr. Ray.  I don’t know what you’re talking about.  I’m sure this is a misunderstanding and she just went to the bathroom or something.”

“She’s been gone for over 30 minutes.  Now I know you know i’m not stupid, and I don’t know what game you’re running up in here, but I know you better refund my money and I don’t even wanna hear about anymore business wit your ass” Mr. Ray said.

Mr. Ray and Chance had a private business deal going on outside of the club, and needed his money as a startup.  He didn’t tell G that she used him as a part of the deal, but he was desperate, and when Mr. Ray saw G at the club and mentioned that she would be a good woman to have in his life when he was “looking to take the edge off.”  Chance was not comfortable in using his girlfriend as a side chick, but with the amount of money and product Mr. Ray could bring his way, he was in a position where he couldn’t say no.  The night G left, was supposed to be the first night of many, that Chance and Mr. Ray would share G in order for Chance to have a piece of the lifestyle that he wanted.

Knowing G pulled a stunt like this only enraged Chance.  Not only did he make him look stupid, but she just made him miss out on the opportunity to get in the business of a lifetime making more money than they could have ever been able to spend in a lifetime.  He didn’t know what had gotten into her, but he knew when he found her, there would be hell to pay.

“I’ll handle this, Mr. Ray.  I can have plenty other women in place of G that can satisfy you in the meantime, but I definitely need to handle this situation” Chance pleaded.  He wanted Mr. Ray to not back out of his end, until he could find G and figure out what the hell her problem was.

Mr. Ray stared long and hard at Chance, “you lucky I’m older than I used to be lil’ boy, otherwise, I woulda killed you by now for fuckin’ with my money.  You better find that bitch in a week or I’m pulling my money and I’m sending some people over to teach you a lesson” Mr. Ray said.  He turned around and exited the building.

Once Mr. Ray walked out of the building, Chance stormed back to his office and called a phone number, “I need the team in here, NOW!”

Chance’s security team filed into the room.  They stood at the front of his desk awaiting his command.

“Find G, and bring that bitch here IMMEDIATELY!”


It had been 2 days since G went missing and Chance was wracking his brain on where she could have been.  He had the security team stake out her apartment, her mother’s house, and anywhere else she could have been and she is nowhere to be found.  It’s like she dropped off the face of the earth.  He only had five days left to find her, and he was beginning to worry about his own safety if he couldn’t produce her to Mr. Ray.

Chance had been frantically calling G since that night and he kept getting her voicemail.  When her voicemail was full, he began sending her text messages.  He knew she was around, because he could at least see she was reading the messages, but refusing to respond.  That only made Chance more pissed off.  He began to threaten G, which was something he didn’t want to do, but was left with no other choice.  He knew that she was playing games now, and that as soon as she could be found, there would be trouble.


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