#XD30 – 7

Once they were about fifteen minutes away, G began to throw on the clothes that were waiting for her in the car; which is sweatpants and a hoodie.  All four windows were rolled down as the black car cut through the late night wind on the highway.  She knew based on the path the driver took, they were going out to the beach; her favorite place to sit and chill late at night.  There were several nights after the club that she would go there and spend hours looking at the stars; sometimes until the sunrise came.  She lay back in the seat, allowing the wind to run across her entire body; the coolness giving off a sort of refreshing sense of calm to her mind.  Her body had been on guard since she walked out of the back doors of Pyramid, and she had just finally began to relax.

She looked at the digital clock in the middle console of the car, and it ready 3:42 am.  About five minutes later, the driver pulled into a parking lot, and put the car in park.  G looked up and could see the calm water ahead of her.  She and the driver unbuckled their seatbelts, reclined their seats all the way back, and the moon roof was opened.  Both could see the open sky and the stars lit up the night sky.

“You ok?” the driver said.

“Yea.  Better now.  Thanks again for coming to my rescue.  I didn’t think you would come” G said.

“You know I got you, G.  I’d do anything for you; you just won’t give me the chance because you got your nose wide open for that punk who treats you like shit.”

G fell silent.   There was an awkward pause in the car, as she knew the words would cut her like a knife.  The person she called upon was her best friend, Jayce, but by his comment she knew that there was unfinished business between them and he was still licking wounds from almost two years ago.

“Jayce, I don’t want to talk about it, ok?” she said.

“Dammit Giselle! I don’t understand any of this!  You let this man pimp you out, disrespect you, all y’all do is argue and fight; yet you still continue to lay up with this dude and claim you love him!?”

G could feel the tears begin to form in her eyes.  She was not prepared for the heavy discussion tonight.  She had already done the most frightening and possibly dangerous thing in her life; walked out on the club, and Chance.  Couldn’t Jayce just cut her some slack for one night?

“Can we just not talk about this tonight, Jayce?  Please?  At least not tonight” G pleaded.

Jayce looked over at her and realized that the conversation was getting overwhelming for G and eased up. “Sorry, G.  I just worry about you baby girl.  You know I don’t like that dude.  I’ll drop it for now, though.  How long do you wanna chill?”

“How long you got?” G said.

“Michelle’s out of town for the week, so I’ve got free time” he said with a caring smile.

G leaned over and put her head on Jayce’s shoulder.  She knew she didn’t deserve to have a friend like Jayce after everything she had put him through, but she appreciated the very moment he came through for her tonight.

It made her wonder why she even picked Chance over him two years ago.

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