#XD30 – 6


G walked down the long hallway to the Velvet Room, where Chance told her she had a client waiting for her.  He had briefly informed her that this was a very important client, and that disappointing him would mean “big trouble” for her.  She knew this only to mean that he had very deep pockets, so she had to pull some very interesting tricks out of her bag in order to pull the money deep out of his pockets for her and Chance.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became at how much Chance could possibly get from him, and how little he would be willing to give her with her cut.  G decided that today was the day that she would no longer be taken advantage of.  As she was walking down the hallway, she snuck into the women’s bathroom for a quick moment.  She went into a stall, pulled her cell phone out of her thigh high boots and sent a simple message.

“meet me out back in 10”

She tucked the phone into the side of her boot, flushed the toilet and walked out of the stall.  Another female was in the bathroom reapplying her makeup.

“Rough night?” G asked.

“Girl, these guys are wearing me out in here.  Chance has them lined up tonight.  How many you got tonight, G?” she asked.

“So far he only told me about one, but I don’t know.  I’m sure he will let me know; you know how he is” she said.

The girl nodded and then walked out.  G exhaled and looked at herself in the mirror, “make it through 10 minutes” she told herself.

G walked out of the bathroom and towards the Velvet room.  When she got there, she knocked softly on the door three times; the signal for clientele to know when their girl was ready to come in.  The man behind the door said, “come in.”

She walked in to a red-lit room.  The man, who’s face was barely visible sat on a couch in front of the door, awaiting G’s arrival.

“There you are, baby.  Where you been?” the man said.  His voice was low and raspy.  You could hear the intoxication mixed with anticipation in his voice.

“I’ve been getting a little freshened up for you.  I didn’t mean to take too long” she said.  She walked over to him slowly.

She straddled his lap and eased down slowly, she brought her mouth down to his ear and whispered softly, “I cannot wait to show you a good time.”

The man licked his lips and a wide grin cut across his face in anticipation.  G could feel his excitement rising underneath her.  Most of the other girls could get into it, but G was so used to the routine, that now she was mainly going through the motions.  She knew the cues and knew when to turn it on and off.  Just like on the stage, she knew how to perform for the money.

He began to kiss her neck and just as he was getting into it, G stopped him abruptly.

“Wait” she said.

“What’s the matter?  What did I do?” he said.

“Nothing baby, I just need to use the ladies’ room real quick” G said.

“Man, are you..”

“Just gimme two minutes and I promise I will make it up to you, for free” G said as she kissed a trail down his body.

That set his mind at ease as he leaned back and said, “well hurry up girl, don’t keep us waiting long, now!”

G got up and walked out of the room and held up the signal indicating for her to have two minutes.  He nodded.  She closed the door behind her.

She looked both ways down the hallway.  There was no one in the hall, so she quickly darted down the hall, past the bathroom and out the exit.

When she got outside, a black Impala was waiting outside.  G sprinted towards the car, jumped in and the car sped off down the street towards the highway.

She looked behind her, and as the club became more and more distant behind her, it became easier to breathe.  =

“Thank you for saving me” G said.

“You’re welcome” the driver said.

As they turned the corner onto the highway, G leaned back into the seat, and realized she was finally free of Pyramid.

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