#XD30 – 5

A glass of Crown Royal sat at the edge of G’s vanity; a perfectly rolled blunt sat next to it.  The nightly combination had become a new routine to put her mind at ease and her take her away from reality long enough to do what needed to be done.  She gave herself a once-over in her mirror; retouched her lipstick, made sure not one hair was out of place.  Her body was perfection; she was an all natural beauty, one of the reasons why Chance felt like she was his most prized possession.  He knew that he couldn’t find a woman more perfect than her.  The way he manipulated his compliments into exploitation was becoming more than G could stand to take, and she decided that tonight would be the last night.  She sat down, took a long swig of her drink, lit her blunt and thought to herself, “I’m so much better than this shit.”
As she drifted off into la-la land, she meticulously began to devise a plan on how she would make tonight the last time Chance ever decided to use her.  She leaned back in her chair and let the weed and liquor combination take over her senses and allow her to drift away from reality.  As she was getting into her “right” mind, she felt a presence over her.

“I got somebody waiting on you in the Velvet Room” Chance said, “hurry up with that shit.  Don’t nobody want no bitch smellin’ like weed.  Time is money, and you Easton’ money.”

G snapped slightly out of her trance to see Chance staring down at her.  She rolled her eyes,  looked up and said, “what’s your problem?  You don’t have an issue with it any other time?”
“Well tonight it’s a problem!  There’s big money in here tonight, and they don’t want no bottom bitches.  They want the best, and you not lookin’ best tonight, baby.  You need to lay off the alcohol and weed, you start in to look basic and shit” Chance spat.

G looked at Chance like he was crazy and slowly began to get out of her chair, “kiss my ass” she mumbled under her breath.

Chance reached down and grabbed G by her neck.  He lowered his head so that she could only hear his words through clenched teeth.

“Stop playing with me, bitch.  I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, but you better get up and make me this fuckin’ money.  Don’t embarrass me, G.” he seethed.

He eased away and took the pressure off of her neck.  G stood up and looked Chance square in his eyes.   He had never put his hands on her, but this entire dynamic had turned them into people they once never intended to be.  She looked into his eyes, and gave him a very coy smirk, as she knew that it wouldn’t be long before she be rid of Chance and Pyramid for good.

She calmed her demeanor and replied, “whatever you say, daddy” and walked toward the Velvet Room.  Chance was in for a rude awakening.

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