#XD30 – 4 

G and Chance didn’t start out this way; and she was trying to find out where things took a turn.  She often wondered if finding love in the club was what brought them to this very point in the first place. 

The first time Chance saw G, she was with her friends at Pyramid, celebrating a birthday party.  G always flashes back to that night, wondering where the man she met that night was under all of his dark ways now.

“Excuse me ladies, can I get you all another bottle?” He asked us that night.

G looked over and their eyes connected.  Suddenly, something couldn’t take her away from him.  She was locked in a gaze and she knew she had to have this man.  He appeared innocent, which just the right level of thug appeal she needed.

Needless to say, after a few more drinks and a little more flirting, Chance and G made their acquaintance a little better in the back room of the club that night, and ever since then they were all about each other.

It wasn’t until Chance began to make moves into becoming part business owner of the club that he began to use G for what he considered her “talents.”  He would say, “what’s the point in having all them skills if you can’t make a little money off it, baby girl?”

Now, six months later, it’s like second nature in their relationship.  Chance convinced G that stripping was only a temporary thing, and that it would only help him if he was able to recruit top dancers, using her as a headlining act; but little did she know about the side hustle going down in the back rooms.  At first, it was something she wasn’t down for, but when you get addicted to the money, it makes you do crazy things.

G looked over at Chance with fire in her eyes.  She knew that she was at the end of her rope.  She knew she had to find a way out of this relationship.  This had gone on way too long and she had used her body way too much for his satisfaction and monetary gain.  She had to start plotting her way out of this relationship; and the plotting began tonight.


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