What’s your Story?

Sometimes I wonder if I have a story to tell, or if my story is still being written.  I’ve thought about this question several times before; when thinking of blog posts, but can never seem to get the words on the page or really decipher why MY story really centers around. 

I like to think that even in a short 29 years, I’ve lived to tell some tales, but most certainly not as many as most. 

I know I still have so much in store for myself; and I wonder what will end up happening in my life and what I will tell the generations to come after me about what I’ve experienced. 

What I can say so far, is what I have been through has made me grow positively.  It has made me stronger, wiser and better than the day before and that’s the best thing you can ask for.  Sometimes, no matter how old you are, there’s a lesson in your experience that someone can benefit from.  You just have to be bold enough to share it with the world.  

I say all this to say, I hope one day, I’ll have the thoughts prepared to tell my story, because I believe I have a story to tell and a lesson to give the world; and I want the world to hear it. 

If you feel you have a story, don’t shy away from it. Tell the world, because someone needs to hear it!!

Photo cred: ebroji


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