What’s Your Routine?

I wrote in a previous post about the importance in making time to write.  In this post, I want to pose the following question: 

Do you have a writing routine, and if so, what is it? 

Is there a certain day you like to write, or a certain time? 

While I have been taking more time to write, I have also been working on solidifying a concrete routine and schedule for writing, with respect to alternating between writing content for my blogs and my books.  

So far, I alternate days and evenings that I dedicate time towards writing for a couple hours or researching content for my blogs each week.  On the weekends, I spend more time finishing up blog posts and publishing them.  

Right now, the schedule is still a little sporadic and unorganized, but I plan on buying a planner to get me through the next half of the year and keep me on track to publishing and maintaining a schedule for blogging. 

So let me know what your routine is.  Is it very organized, or is it still a little chaotic like mine?  What works best for you as a writer?


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