Summer ’17 Reads

My Goodreads question turned into a quick blog post on what my Sumer 2017 reading list is going to look like this year.  I decided to mix a little old with new; pick some books I’ve had on the shelf for a while, along with some books I just received recently.  Here’s what I came up with: 

Queen Sugar 

The Hate U Give

 The Blackbirds 

Gone Girl Trilogy

They’re in no particular order; I’m just going to pick up one and start reading, with the exception of the trilogy of course, lol. I’m also a human, so I know this list my overflow into Fall ’17 and I’m ok with that as well. But these are the books that I anxiously want to begin, and some that I’ve been needing to start but just haven’t had the time. I figured the summer time is the best time to get some much needed downtime to do so.  I know that I need to have a starting point; without a starting point I’ll never get through this growing list of “to-be read” books on my shelf, and I’m sure that I’ll even add books to this list if by some miraculous feat I get the opportunity to finish all of these books throughout the summer (here’s hoping). Hopefully, you all stay tuned and see what I have in store for you all on my summer reading journey! 

What’s on your list to be read this summer? Let me know!!! 


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