Procrastination is a Bitch

The title is pretty self explanatory, so there’s no need for some fancy introduction; I’m just going to hop right in. 

I have been working on making better efforts to making time to write.  There was a good couple of months when I just could not find the time to get the words on the paper.  Now that I’m working on carving out the time, the harder parts comes in; actually wrapping my mind around developing words…

Procrastination sucks, and it’s also not an enjoyable experience for a writer.  

I’m not perfect by any means; I make excuses, I complain, I do everything in my power to escape the task at hand, then get mad when I don’t meet my intended goal. Accountability sucks and so does procrastination, but they both go hand-in-hand. 

In some of the very moments I could be writing, I spend most of that time scrolling through social media.  As much as I say I don’t have time to read, I can’t name about three things I could give up doing to substitute for reading before I go to bed (one of them being ‘doing absolutely nothing on the couch’). 

I say this because we all need to be kicked; we need to talk about ourselves and say “get your ass up and write, because you have deadlines and people want to see your work!” So I’m telling myself that this week, and hoping someone else is pulling themselves out of a procrastinating pile of crap and holding themselves accountable. 

Happy writing everyone ☺️.


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