Sneak Peek: How it Really Went Down

In honor of my book’s one year anniversary, I present to the world the introduction to my e-book titled How it Really Went Down!  Check out how Liyah plans on telling her side of how things went down between her, Chante and Trey!



When you have known someone almost your entire life, you find it hard to believe that in an instant, they can be your worst enemy.  Never in a million years did I think that Chante and I would become this way.

Chante and I were more than best friends; we were sisters.  She always said “blood couldn’t make us any closer” and she was right.  Chante was my right hand and I was her left.  We were there for each other throughout all of life’s good times and bad; there was nothing we wouldn’t do for each other.

So, I’m sure you all are wondering how the hell we ended up in this predicament.  I ask myself the question every day.  I still don’t know how I could have stolen her man from her if we were so close.  Mutual friends ask me all the time, “Why did you break the code?” and “she should have whooped your ass”, and I agree.   That day we got into our fight, I’ll admit, I deserved every piece of that ass whoopin’; pregnant or not.  I was so furious with her and the fact that she could just throw something away like that, that I felt like being a spiteful bitch and throwing it in her face that I took her man, AND made a baby with him.

I never wanted to fall in love with Trey, but I did; enough for me to even have his child, no less.  I know it sounds completely petty, ridiculous and cliché, but it is what it is.  I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t want it to happen, but Chante practically gave him away.  I just so happened to be the one he ran to.  It was never a plan for me to take my best friend’s man, but here we are; her without Trey, and me with him, his son and standing side-by-side with him while he continues his success and I develop my own.  We have become the power couple to beat in Miami, and I am loving every minute of life with him; but this isn’t about my successful life with him now, this is my testament to how we got to where we are.

So, like I said, I’m sure everyone is wondering how it all went down, and how we ended up at this point in our lives.  I’m sure you all know Chante’s side of the story, but there’s always three sides to every story; her side, my side and the truth.  I’m here to give you my side AND the truth.

Let me tell y’all how it really went down.



4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: How it Really Went Down

  1. Yecheilyah says:

    Hey Whitney. Yaass. I’m hooked. Looking forward to the read. Is this a sequel to Playing with Fire?

    Also, you know I’m introducing new authors on my blog. I’d love to have you. Here’s the link to the original post.

    Choose your questions and email me your Q&A if you’re interested and I’ll schedule you in.

    Liked by 1 person

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