The Balance: Life vs. Creativity

Lately, my balance of adult life and being a creative has been off; I have spent way more time being stressed out from being an adult, and less time planning out my writing, which ironically relieves stress!  There have been so many things that have happened since the beginning of 2017, that my entire energy and focus has been off.  As a result of this, my writing has been very sporadic and I’ve had little to no motivation to get it done.

Image result for creative vs. 9-5

I had to suck that up though, because the world is waiting for the sequel to #PWF and it won’t write itself.  I have been trying to find different quotes and things to keep on the forefront to remind myself that although I have responsibilities and a regular 9-5 job, I have to also remember that in order to achieve my ultimate dream (to be a successful owner of my own publishing company), I have to keep the grind alive.  If you need help getting through the struggle of working while being a creative mastermind, here are some steps to try and get your through the process:

  1. Keep a journal/notebook on you at all times: you never know when that award-winning idea might strike or an idea for a scene might hit you.  If it’s in the middle of your workday, it’s not a crime to pull out your notebook, jot down some notes, then get right back to work.
  2. Take advantage of your 2 15’s and a lunch: if you get breaks and lunches during your day, USE THEM! While you’re eating, look up some ideas, pull out your notebook or type out a couple notes for that next chapter of your book. I use the Evernote app along with having a notebook and it’s perfect for me, so when I have an idea for a scene or even a potential story plot, I drop it right in Evernote, and also write it in my notebook.  I also use this to write down notes pertaining to expanding my publishing dreams and things I need to research.
  3. Schedule time for your projects after 5: If you are able to, put in some non-negotiable time after you get off work to work on your creative projects.  Even if it cannot be right after you get off (because of parenting , household responsibilities or just adult life in general), make sure you have at least 30 minutes of personal time to work on the things you are passionate about.  Make that time a critical point in your day, so you will never miss it.

Hopefully, these tips, and so many others will help you navigate between #AdultLife and #CreativeLife, and help you be able to make time for your writing or other creative goals.




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