Personal Essay #8

Reading is a critical point in becoming a good writer!

Organized Chaos

As a budding author I know one of the most important things to do (besides writing, of course) is to read. To not just read, but to read a lot, to read closely and to read from as many genres and authors as possible. While reading tends to be an enjoyable time-consuming process, it also is one of the best ways to learn to write effectively and helps to find your voice as a writer.

When I wrote as a child, I had very little in the way of literary inspiration and even less in the way of encouragement. Therefore, the stories I wrote lacked vividness, structure, and cohesion. This was still true even in my early adult years. It wasn’t until after I finally became a voracious reader that my writing began to come to life, with each subsequent book I finish having some impact on my writing.


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