Never Hit the Delete Button

We’ve all been in this place.  You sit down in preparation and with full intention to smash the writing goal for the day.  You have the necessary amounts of caffeine, snacks, pens, paper, your favorite book(s) for reading and research; I mean, you’re golden.

You get to the laptop, fire up those headphones, and about an hour later, you’ve got maybe ten words on the page..

My sentiments exactly.  Like I said, we’ve all been in this place before; ready and willing to write, yet someone drank up all the creative juices and you only got the last little swig out of the bottle.  You want to be mad, throw a fit, fight the air; and you’re about to hit the delete button and just call it quits for the day, because those ten words are nothing more than pure frustration and a slap in the face of your creativity….


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We are so quick to hit DELETE, and throw the laptop out the window in frustration, but don’t give up hope.  Even if it’s only 10 words,  even if they suck, or you may put them somewhere else, never delete anything you’ve written, because even writing one word puts you closer to your goal.

This was something I had to teach myself, because I once had something written that I didn’t like, and I deleted it. Well, come to find out it was actually something I could have used down the line, and I didn’t have it.  I did that a lot with my first novel, so for round 2, I made a separate folder on my laptop labeled “another time, another place”.  This is for anything I take out of my current draft, with hopes that maybe I can use it later on, or maybe in a different project later down the line.  It’s the best idea I could have come up with and I wish I would have thought of it sooner.  You never know when one scene that doesn’t work for your current project, may be the fuel for a different one! I try to keep it all on a running document, and sometimes if I’m stuck in a place, I look back on those various pieces and see if anything there can spark up some more ideas.  Sometimes it has helped, and other times it hasn’t, but the bottom line is that it was there even if I didn’t need it or use it.

Whatever you do, keep writing.  Keep sitting down for that allotted time and putting whatever you have to give on the page; and under no circumstances, never get rid of your words.


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