Showing Support to Your Fellow Author

A lot of you may be wondering how to make an author happy?  I mean, what is the one thing you could do for your fellow writing friend/family member?  It’s quite simple from what I’ve gathered; support, support support!!

New, self-publishing authors love the support they get from their friends, family and anyone else more than anything!  Knowing that you have a fan club boosts confidence like no other.

If you’re like me, you have self-published and is handling all aspects of your work, including promotions.  I chose to do it this way, because it’s a learning experience for when I accomplish future goals of mine.  The one thing I can say throughout all of this is that support for your craft goes a long way in the department of gratitude, and even if I never made another sale, knowing I have people supporting and encouraging me to continue down this path is enough to call me successful.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering “well I want to support, but I don’t know how!”  Well, I’m here to tell you some cool ways to do it; and they’re take little to no effort!

Click and share blog posts: if you’re like me, you also blog on a frequent basis (you can click here if you want to check it out #plug, lol).  I always encourage people to check out my blog as well, because that is more of a personal side of me where I have extra opportunities to practice my writing as well.  I have to admit I thrive on the rush I get when I’m having a good blogging day; when people are noticing a new post I wrote, liking and even leaving me a comment!  So if you have a friend who loves to blog and is trying to make a name for themselves, do them a favor and click the link or share it amongst your friends. Never know who may want to read it and how far it will go!

Buy our books, even if it’s on Kindle Unlimited: In the past year, one thing I have learned about myself is that I really don’t care if someone buys a copy of my book (even though I’m eternally grateful for the royalties lol).  I’m just as grateful and excited when I see that someone has even downloaded it via Kindle Unlimited.  Even though I do not get royalties for it, the exposure is the main goal here.

Follow and share social media sites dedicated to that author: To aid in the promotion and following of my journey through being an author and blogger, I created a Facebook and Twitter page dedicated to all things writing related.  I try to share and retweet things that I put there, onto my personal feeds as well, and vice versa.  This opens me up to a totally different community of bloggers and writers and it bumps up your professionalism.  So again, do your writing friends a favor and share their professional author social media pages as well.  They will thank you for it in the end.

I promise you guys, if you do these little things, the writer in us will thank you for it; and we might even put you in the acknowledgements! 🙂


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